I've gone loopy...
believe me, I reminded myself of this a time or two as I punched the detailed border of this 9" x 9" soon-to-be released design! A relatively large design for punch needle, but I'm really loving it. Will be well worth all of the labor of all those little punched loops.
The floral border consists of tallow berry sprigs, flower filled urns and tiny bees & butterflies...
See the tiny bees??? So sweet, they measures a mere 1/2" long. This detailed border opens up to a center cartouche featuring a quaint homestead, brown stag and an alphabet sampler. I'm thinking this larger piece deserves a frame...but stay tuned, that could change.
Do you see the bee?
The piece will be titled, "The Homestead Samplar".

New patterns coming soon...titles are as follows:
Cheep Cheep (punch needle)
Peter & Peep (punch needle)
The Homestead Samplar (punch needle)
Proverbs 31:13 (in punch needle & cross stitch)
Easter Frills (cross stitch)

We are still in the deep freeze here, but feel we missed the worst of the last winter storm.
Stay warm where ever you're at and be safe when digging out.

With thy Needle & Thread,


Susan said...

Don't punch yet but I love all of the pics of seen. the shop I worked at offered classes but I felt I just didn't need another hobby. Everyone there loved doing the punch though!

THANKS for the Cross Stitching!

Happy Stitching and Designing!

Penny said...

Oh, I just can't wait! Any idea when soon will be? I have already made a deal with my DH to buy him a special gift, told him there were going to be a bunch of new things to order from you and I just must have it all. I don't really have to make deals to get new stuff, but thought it would be nice. After all, is this not the month of LOVE? Off to order his special gift.

deb-bee said...

Little bees are my favorite things, I have a large collection. I can't wait to see your bees. I love your designs, they make me smile ;-) deb-bee (GO PACKERS!!!)

Joy said...

Brenda, your designs have inspired me to learn to punch...like I need another addiction with my cross stitching! I just LOVE what you design! So, within the next couple of weeks I will be giving it a try.

Unknown said...

oh,goodness... that looks amazing!

The French Bear said...

Oh how sweet....can't wait!
Margaret B

Ellen S said...

I'm anxiously waiting for these new designs!!! The titles are so springy!!
We all need a little spring in our lives after this winter!!
Have a great day!!


suz said...

This design is amazing and yes, I did C.D.B.!