They're here...

and a day sooner then I expected!!
5 NEW cross stitch patterns for your stitching pleasure...
"A Winter's Skate"
4 3/4" tall skate tree ornament
worked on Prairie Cloth over 1 thread

"Home for the Holidays"
11" tall Christmas stocking
worked on 30 count R&R Reproductions linen (Dk. Chino) over 2 threads

"Partridge in a Pear Tree"
6" pear
worked on 32 count Belfast (Platinum) over 2 threads

"Snow Day"
6 1/2" x 8 3/8"
worked on 35 count Confederate Grey linen by Weeks Dye Works over 2 threads

"Needles & Pins Heart Pinkeep"
6" pinkeep
worked on 35 count Northern Cross linen (cream) over 2 threads
Taking the rest of the afternoon off to tidy up my surroundings...
my house, my office, my laundry & my cooking all take a hit when I'm in the "design mode". My husband (one handed and all) bless his heart, picks up the slack around the home front during this time...I probably owe him a lovely home cooked candlelight dinner this evening!!
Have a swell weekend everyone,
Don't forget...the blog hop starts Tuesday!


Patti said...

Awesome..JUST placed an order!

Zlata said...

I want them all!!! :)
Excellent patterns!!!

Patti said...

Oh, my! You've been busy! I absolutely love your new designs, in fact, I am going to place an order as soon as I finish with this comment!

~Judy~ said...

I love / want them all!

quiltsbycheri said...

Thank Goodness for those blessed husbands...mine is flying home from business meetings all week & is still stopping to get dinner, so I can continue to quilt! New patterns are wonderful as always!

Jane said...

Never disappointing, your new releases.

Riet said...

Oh what a great designs you have designed. I love the pinkeep the most. Have a nice weekend, Riet

Cindy P said...

I have to tell you...

This is my first visit here. I was visiting Kathy Schmitz' blog and was excited about the Blog Shop Hop and started investigating.

Your's was the first Blog I clicked on and I was interested in your designs immediately.

But then the music started playing. I usually HATE Blog music. It's intrusive and annoying to me. And I can't get my speakers turned off fast enough.

But the song that started was River Flows in You and I think that is probably the most beautiful song I've ever heard. It's been my favorite for a long time.

So your Blog stays open all the time now. I still love your designs, but I'm staying for the music.

Natasha said...

Oh my oh my I love them :) I cant wait to place an order. I have been holding off all year really have not purchased any new designs but you make me fall off the wagon LOL

Wonderful job. Have a terrific weekend!

Susan said...

Love the new charts! They are so fun!

Happy Designing and Stitching!

Karen said...

love all your new designs .. particularly winter skate, snow day and definitely the pinkeep piece ... also love your new blog design .. perfect for this time of year!

an encourager said...

I love that!

The Wooden Acorn said...

The patterns just keep getting better and better....actually they are all so fabulous....always hard to know which one to start first!

Unknown said...

Where can I order these beautiful patterns?