Look at what I found!!

It always seems to amaze me what thoughts run through your head as you awaken in the night.
Or is it these thoughts that awaken you?
At about 2:23 am to be exact I'm laying awake thinking about frames...
I'm thinking that I may have ordered more then one of the frames like was used on the "Give Thanks" pattern.
So I get up this morning and run down to the back room at Country Stitches and up on the top of a shelf I spotted a brown box...
a brown box with a cute pig sticker on it.
Could it be?
Do I have more of these frames?
I opened the box, feeling like a kid at Christmas time as I wasn't sure what I'd find...
and holy moly (to quote Grumpy Old Men...love that movie!) there still neatly wrapped in brown paper in 2's
are 9 more of these frames!!! I looked at the shipping label and I purchased these in 2006...have no idea what design I was going to use them with...
must have had a change of heart. But I must have liked them, liked them so well that I thought I needed 10 of them... I tend to have this problem with other things also...what disease is this??
So, long story short...I have 9 of these to sell. I ordered them as pictured, black over honeycomb (ivory). These will be sold as is. You will need to paint them to match floss colors in the Give Thanks sampler or maybe you have a Halloween piece that would look nice in them as is.
So give me a few hours to find the invoice for these...need to go back to 2006 paid invoices, may take me a bit....
Once I have them priced, they will be posted for sale on our website. Hurry though, there are just 9 of these...when they are gone, they're gone!!
Enjoy your day,

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