My Bags are packed...

How can he possibly be big enough to go down the slippery slide
all by himself
It.Just.Can't Be.
Looking forward to spending a few days with Beckham & Mommy while Daddy's gone to Iceland on business.

It's been five l-o-n-g weeks since I've seen this little guy. I'm sure he has learned all sorts of new "things" since I saw him last.

Looking forward to days filled with Thomas Train, sticker books, story books, walks to the park, Cheetos's & slippery slide rides.

Have a good week,


Peggy Lee said...

They grow so fast. I am expecting my first grandchild (a boy I'm told) in November. I'm very excited about it but I just wish I didn't live so far away.
I just started my blog after over a year of observing how you pro's do it! It's a learning experience but I'm loving it already. Please check it out, won't you?
Thank You...and have fun with that cute little guy!
~~Peggy Lee

Linda said...

Enjoy...we'll miss you but I'll bet you won't miss us! He is such a cutie!

Anonymous said...

Your grandson is adorable and has the same white hair like my grandson..They sure are a joy to be around..My grandson Logan is 4 years old now and the time sure does fly..I watch him while my daughter and son in law are at work..It's such a pleasure to have him around..Enjoy every second with him on your visit and have a great week..

Beckyjean said...

Have a wonderful time. They grow up so fast.


Ann said...

Enjoy every minute. I miss Thomas the Tank engine so much. My own boys are 9 & 12 and we loved Thomas at this house. Everything is all packed away so someday when I have a grandson we can get it back out. ~Ann