New goodies...

I returned home to find 2 boxes filled with new patterns
from Wednesday's Best & Stacy Nash Primitives.

When you have a spare moment check these and several other new patterns from both of these designers out on our website.

DH and I are going to be spending a quiet & simple holiday weekend together, just the two of us as our family won't be making the trip home for the holiday. A pork roast has been smoking on the grill all day and we'll enjoy this and perhaps some sweet corn on the cob for tonight's dinner. Leftover pulled pork will be nibbled on over the long weekend.

Am planning on parking myself in a chair out in the shade and do some work on the PUMPKIN PATCH cross stitch design over the next couple of days. I forgot my good camera at my daughters house (boo hoo) and will have to try out my dh's little digital for Sunday's picture updates on this piece. Check back on Sunday afternoon for progress photos of this design. It is coming along nicely and am having a hard time putting this piece down.

Wishing you all a fun-filled 4th of July,

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I will be doing the same..A weekend of simple tasks around the yard and enjoying some quiet time together at home..Have a great 4th weekend..