Kitchen creations...

The boys are back!

The male grosbeaks are here,

the females

will follow...

This fella would sit quietly and feed on sunflower & safflower mix. When not feeding he sits in the apricot tree singing & waiting for the girls to come. Their beautiful song is similar to the robin, but a bit more fancy...

The males scout out resting spots with a good food supply. They rest & eat well at the Gervais yard, while waiting for the girls to arrive, before heading northward to their nesting grounds.

The grape jelly & fresh oranges are awaiting

the arrival of the Baltimore Orioles,

we are expecting their arrival any day now...

Here again, the males will arrive first.

I've been catching my darling husband eyeing the mega-sized jar of Welches Grape jelly,

I know he's thinking warm bread & grape jelly.

I'm thinking orioles, lots of orioles, baby...

It is at this time of year I like to create in the kitchen,

not to be confused with creating gourmet dishes

NO, not that type of creating...

Creating new pattern designs.

Today's plan is to perch myself at the kitchen table & create a clay headed doll (soon to be pattern). I will bask in the morning sun next to the screen door and enjoy

the smell of spring-time air,


be serenaded by

grosbeaks,warblers, cardinals, wood thrushes, robins

& soon-to-be orioles...

My. Absolute. Most. Favorite. Time. Of. The. Year.

So I'll spend my day here playing with clay & creating a new creature,
until my darling husband comes home from work...
He'll come into the kitchen & say, "Hi Dear", and then ask "what's in the oven?"
I just know he will, he always does...
and with a twinkle in my eye & a smirk on my face
I'll reply,
"a doll's head"...
tis the life at the Gervais household!!

Guess it's carry out tonight...
Have a good weekend,


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Anonymous said...

My grandson and I will be following your lead on the orange and grape jelly..Thanks for the idea..I love your blog and although am new at this I can't help but get a smile on my face when I see your creations..You are truly talented..Have a great weekend..