Green & Luscious...

We had a nice gentle rain overnight~
turning everything a wonderful luscious green.
It's a beautiful Friday morning here ...

I couldn't pass up a walk through the back yard with camera in hand
before beginning my work day ~
a great start to my day

Crap apple trees ~
mother nature's perfume
what a wonderful fragrance it tis...
Old fashioned columbines ~
sprinkled here and there
planted by birds & soft gentle breezes...

Rain drops ~

resting ever so peacefully upon wild violet petals...

And a spring-time favorite of mine ~
Lily of the Valley beginning to unfold their little white spring-time bonnets...

More pretty little wild violets ~
with tiny brush strokes of pink upon their petals...

No spring would be complete without picking a little tussy mussy of my
dear Lily of the Valley ~
Carefully tucked into a tiny Brambly Hedge creamer pitcher...

The smell is fabulous.
Tea anyone?
I now feel refreshed


once again inspired by nature...

ready to begin

my day
of needlework design.

With thy Needle & Thread,


Mimi Head said...

Thanks for the beautiful spring pictures! I love Lily of the Valley and Violets.

Catherine said...

Thank you for sharing your garden walk!!