Mother Nature at her best...

Just when I thought I couldn't take another day of snow & winter
I wake-up and look out the window to find
the trees covered in beautiful crystals

Hoarfrost is similar to the dew on a summer morning. The dew freezes on everything it collects upon, forming beautiful feather-like crystals. Heavy fog is almost always present on these rare winter mornings. After the fog clears it exposes an astonishingly blue sky which makes the white frost stand out so beautifully.

It truly is a sight to behold!

Join me on my morning walk
take in this occurrence that happens just a few times each winter...

Even frosty has hoarfrost on his twiggy arms. Gotta love the life jacket frosty has tucked under his arm.
Even Frosty is thinking summer time & swimming!

If you want to see our Mama Cardinal, click on above photo for a larger view. (Really wanting a bigger zoom for birdie photos!)

Looking out over our lake...

A few lonesome fish houses & one of the 3 small islands on our lake. My kids always told me there are deer that live on the islands when they'd come home from a day on the lake...do deer really swim??? Or were my kids trying to see just how gullible their mom really was??

The above photo gives true meaning to the United States Postal Service's slogan...
"We deliver in Rain, Sleet or Snow...
that is,
if they can find your mailbox!

City is beginning to clear snow that is piled on the sides of the road, loading it onto large semi-type trucks and then leasing farmland to dump the snow on. Something I have never seen done as long as we have lived here.

A lonesome crow warming himself in the morning sun
I'm pretty certain he is thinking the same thought as I...
"wish it would warm up & real soon-like"

Keep warm & enjoy the weekend,


taylors*farmhouse*attic said...

Your pictures are beautiful!!!..We were hoping for some snow here in Georgia, but it went right above us as usual...Maybe someday!!..Have a good weekend!!~~hugs,Jen

Catherine said...

What beautiful photos - thanks for sharing!

Jennifer Ann Fox said...

Oh, that is so beautiful! Love your pictures. You have a great camera....I'm jealous. I got a new one for Christmas but don't believe it will take pics this brilliant. Or maybe it's me.

The mailbox photo really brought it to light how deep the snow really is there.
We have snow here in North Ga. but just and 1-2 inches. The temps are frigid cold though. High of 29 today.


Diva Kreszl said...

while we may hold spring in our hearts winter does have a beauty all it's own!!!

Sue-Anne said...

Fantastic photos, a real Winter Wonderland. I'll wish for you to get some of our hot weather if you wish to send us some of your cold weather lol!

WoolenSails said...

Those are beautiful photos, love the iced trees against the sky.
Great color and clarity. What type of camera are you using?


Sherri said...

You take beautiful pictures! Thanks for posting the beauty of the frost. I think I like the shot of the crow the best.

Unknown said...

In answering WoolenSails question,
I use the Canon Rebel Xt. Very few of my pics are SOC (straight out of camera). I enhance most pics in my photo editing program.

Devon said...

I know you all are sick of the snow,,but us southerns love looking at pictures of it, and yours are beautiful...thank you for sharing..