Snowed In...

The winter storm has hit NW Iowa so I closed up shop early today and headed home. After several tries, I did make it up my driveway...it is getting deep out there! Darling husband is out of town on business & am going to have to make friends with the snowblower if I want to get out once the storm passes...uggghhhhh!!!

As for today, I guess I'll spend the rest of the afternoon in front of my computer sipping green tea & honey (cures everything, right?) and uploading new patterns onto our website...should have them all done by this evening.

I am currently stitching the "Merry Christmas" pinkeep (pictured below) for myself, have just the sleigh left to do...this little chart works up very quickly! A wonderfully prim design by Pineberry Lane.

See the above cross stitch pattern amongst many other new ones under our "PATTERNS BY OTHERS" category.

It sounds like we are going to be snowed in tomorrow with blizzard~like conditions expected...hoping to finish the Merry Christmas pinkeep and tuck it in amongst some fresh picked greens.

Stay warm,


Diva Kreszl said...

Oh my, thank goodness you made it home safely! Stay inside where it's nice and warm, stitching and tea always go together so nicely.I do wish we would get a little snow for Christmas.(I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...)

Catherine said...

Sounds like good snuggling up and stitching weather! Stay safe!

The French Bear said...

What a beautiful pattern, I will have to get that one for sure!!! Stay warm and enjoy the tea and cosiness!!!!

Margaret B