Please tread carefully...


I am the family wardrobe, best & worst

Of all our generations, from the first:

Grandpa's Sunday-go-to-meetin' coat,

And the woolen muffler he wore at his throat;

Grandma's shawl,

That came from Fayal;

Ma's wedding gown,

Three times turned and once let down,

Which once was plum, but has now turned brown;

Pa's red flannels, that made him itch;

Pants & shirts;

Petticoats & skirts;

From one or another, but I can't tell which,

Tread carefully,

Because, you see,

If you scuff on me,

You scratch the bark of the family tree."
"~author unknown~

With thy needle & thread,

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Nancy said...

A beautiful rug with beautiful meaning! I love the design and all the color.

The design in your blog header is wonderful! Is it one of yours? I'm sorry, but I don't recognize it.