2 bags later...

after 2 bags of Haribo Gold bears,
(I call these gummi bears)
& a few cups of coffee
(okay, maybe more then a few)
the pattern instructions for
the 3 new Christmas ornament
cross stitch patterns
are written
& proofed....

As for the gummi bears...
if I don't stop
doing this,
my belly
is going to shake
like a bowlful of jelly...
just like Santa's!!!
Oh dear...

Friday we will begin printing,
collating & packaging the new patterns.
Monday we will begin shipping
Tuesday I'll begin my exercise regimen
to work off
those darn gummi bears!

The new patterns are now posted on our website for purchase!

With thy Needle & Thread,


Catherine said...

Gummi Bears - yum! One can never eat just one or even two, three or four.......

Love the new patterns!

Doreen Frost said...

You sound like me..except my treats are junior mints..oh how I LOVE them!

I love the new patterns..I'm off to order the lovely French Hen!

Have a wonderful day,

Stina Blomgren said...

Ahhh.. good news... will have fun with the patterns..:o)Off to order..;o)

Btw.. I do have a question for you...
Do you have any tip with the cross stitches...worked over one thread...
How do you make them ...I am so used to work from left to right..and going back.. and this cant be made with over one thread... then they just slips under the linen... Desperately need a tip!!!