Many thanks...

I'd like to thank everyone for their comments & private emails of concerns and prayers in regards to my Fathers recent mishap...it really means a lot to us...THANK YOU ALL!

The long road to recovery has begun, but not without a bump in the road. Ultra sound procedure yesterday revealed a fairly large sized blood clot in the broken leg. A vascular procedure was performed yesterday afternoon...the news of the blood clot really took the wind out of all of our sails. A device, described to us as an open umbrella without the fabric, was inserted through the large artery in his groin and place in a vessel/vein/artery (not sure which) in his belly. This device will hopefully strain out the clot should it travel upwards towards the lung. They can't be as aggressive with blood thinners as they would like due to the large incision and fear of bleeding & infection. He will be on a low dose of blood thinners in hopes of preventing any further clotting.

I am back home for a day and then I'll go back to relieve one of my sisters...we are taking turns staying there with our Mother. We are hopeful he will be moved closer to home on Monday for skilled care & more rehab.


basketsnprims said...

I'll keep your dad and your family in my prayers.

Unknown said...

Oh your poor dad! Give him best wishes from the UK, and hope he's feeling better soon.


The French Bear said...

Hang in there Brenda, I am saying my prayers for your family and your Dad. Especially traveling to see him, that can be so exhausting too.
I did receive the duplicate order on the books, I will send the second set back, I am so sorry for the confusion. Is it better to wait till you are back or send them on Monday?
Let me know, I do hope you get some rest in between visits.
Margaret B

WoolenSails said...

Continued prayers for you and your family.