Ebay treasures & a Challenge!

My latest fetish seems to be searching for "things" to tie the mini friendship samplers on to. I found some goodies from eBay seller staglaneprimitives. This seller has some textile bobbins with great colors of wool threads still on the bobbins. The blue is the best robin's egg blue...my favorite shade of blue! Also from the same seller I bought the best rusty tin oil can. There are many more oil cans for those of you that are stitching my ABC pin keep and are in need of small oil cans. Most items are "buy it now"!

Here is the "Have Ye Any Wool?" sampler tied onto the bundle of olde textile bobbins.

Here is the "Bittersweet" sampler tied on the olde oil can.

I foresee a "tie one on" CHALLENGE with the Friendship Samplers pattern....details to follow, so get stitchin!

The "Friendship Sampler" pattern packet will be ready to ship on Monday, happy stitching!

With thy Needle & Thread,


Carin said...

Yes, I found a Singer oil can too on Ebay. Exactly the same as for the ABC pinkeep!

Very lovely mini samplers!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri ~ Boog) said...

Love the mini samplers and your fun finds. I can't wait to stitch them!