What is nearly 100 years old....

Is brown and fuzzy and has bright red lips?

Hint - Think back to your childhood toy box.

Give up?

The sock monkey!

NOTE - I am pleased to have Grandson Beckham as my guest blog writer today.

Let me introduce myself, I am Beckham Christian Wilson and I was born on November 20th, 2008. I am your guest writer today. I am filling in for Grandma Brenda as she is taking the day off to enjoy some much needed R&R.

The past several days have been very very busy, going from one Grandma's house to the others to celebrate Christmas & meet family members. It was a pretty good time though...everybody kept telling me what a cute little boy I am!

I am not only a cute little boy but have been a good boy too. I am now getting up only on occasion in the middle of the night for feedings....Mommy so loves it when I do this! Santa brought me some pretty cool gifts...he must have known I've been good!

I knew the minute I opened that one certain package (actually Mommy had to help, as I'm a bit too little yet) that the cameras would soon be flashing. In that box were the cutest, tiniest little sock monkey slippers I have ever seen. I figured Grandma would have to put them on me right away to see if they would fit my "precious little feet"! And as I guessed, Grandma had to get her camera out, again! Everybody laughed at my little toes & said they look just like my Daddy's. I do love my monkey slippers though, and they do keep my little toes nice & warm. I think Mommy & Daddy should have a pair, don't you?

You see... I'm a bit too young yet to sit up by myself, so Mommy & Daddy propped me up on the couch so Grandma could begin yet ANOTHER photo shoot for her brag book. My Grandma has 3 brag books...I'm a bit concerned, is this normal?

I must admit though, I do think I look pretty handsome in my new Burberry outfit & monkey slippers...don't you? These are my first pair of blue jeans & I can tell already that blue jeans are going to be a big part of my attire for many many years to come...they are so comfy!

The furry little reindeer is my gift from Great Grandma & Grandpa Fisher and I just know we will become close buds. Rudolph will keep me occupied when I'm in my car seat on all those trips to the mall & Target with Mom.

For you other grandmas out there... Santa bought my slippers here.

Love, Beckham

P.S. Time for a little R&R for me as well!

Did you know? A little sock monkey history...

The Red Heel® socks where first manufactured in 1890 by The Nelson Knitting Mills in Rockford Illinois. John Nelson came to this country from Sweden in 1852 with the Swedish immigrants stepping off the train in Rockford. The first sock knitting machines were patented by him in 1869. Incorporated in 1880, The Nelson Knitting Co. was the first company world wide to manufacture socks. These sturdy and comfortable work-socks were worn mainly by farmers and factory workers.

In the 1900's mothers started crafting these socks into sock monkeys and other animals for their children. These quality sock were intended and used as work socks, but they became so much more when the Sock Monkey was born. In 1920 Nelson Knitting Mills started to include the directions for the Sock Monkeys with every pair of red Heel® Socks.

Nelson Knitting Mills was purchased by Fox River Mills in 1992 and now Fox River Mills continues the tradition and includes the original directions with every pair of Red Heel® Socks they manufacture.

The original instructions have been packaged with the Red Heel® Socks since 1920.

Happy New Year,


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Carrie P. said...

Dear Little Beckham,
So glad you were a good little boy. Didn't know they made sock monkey slippers so little.
Don't keep grandma up too much.

Miz T. said...

So nice to meet you Beckham! And it's quite nice of you to give Grandma a little break...after all everyone loves naps. As for the brag book, I believe most Grandma's have at least five, so I believe you will have your handsome face photographed many hundreds of times more. By the way, do those cute monkey booties come in an adult size 10? Hugs, and Happy New Year! Lauri

Linda said...

I don't think 3 brag books is crazy at all. I am ready to start one and my grandbaby won't be born until June!! LOL Beckham is just adorable and he looks so darn cute in those slippers! Enjoy all your snuggles with him.