The Fisher Girls

Anybody else out there in blog land enjoy old photos? I spend lots of time on ebay looking at old photos...I love old portraits & snapshots. Not sure whether it is the clothing styles, the hairstyles or the frumpy smiles some of the woman possess...I just love old photos! I'm not certain of the age of this picture, but judging from the hairstyles these lovely ladies are sporting I am guessin the late 50's early 60's. My mother had this same hair style in some of our family photos when I was a small child. BUT I could be wrong...not sure if Mom stayed current and up to date with her hairstyles!!

One day while doing my "old pictures" search on ebay I stumbled upon the above picture and new I HAD to own it...so the biddin' began! You see I have 2 sisters and this picture just said "The Fisher Girls" all over it. Fisher is my maiden name by the way. We seem to always be called "The Fisher Girls" when we are at home for any home town gathering...not sure why, but I'm guessing it is because they can't remember who is Brenda, who is Sandra or who is Linda!

You all know that I spend most of my life doing needlework. AND my sister Sandra (aka Sandy ~Pieces from my Heart) spends most of her life quilting AND sister Linda who is the bank pres spends her spare time sewing business suits. So this picture was so "us"... fast forwarded many many years of course!! We have just taken up our newest form of needlework, crocheting doilies, and it appears we are having a great time. Don't you think?!! Be sure to click on the photo so you can zoom in on us!

After the picture arrived I had the pleasure of deciding who was who in the photo. I am the youngest sister and I felt the lady on the left appeared to look the youngest, so we'll call her Brenda. Don't you love my new saddle shoes? My sister Sandra is the middle child in the family and is the skinny one of the bunch, so we'll call the thinner lady in the middle Sandra. Sandra would also be the one to be wearin' bobby socks! Linda is much much much older then I so we'll call the older lady on the right Linda. Linda would certainly have rick rack sewn on her dress, complete with a brooch pin! Oh this is getting fun...sorry sisters!

Off to crochet,


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Cinlyn said...

LOVE old pictures! And how neat is it that you found that particular one!! If your sisters like old photos,you should copy and frame them or copy them to fabric for a pillow or something as a fun little giftie to them!