A great pumpkin gadget!

The leaves are just starting to show hints of yellows and reds here in NW Iowa and the fields in the countryside have gone from their pretty shades of green to amber waves of grain. We are enjoying beautiful autumn weather for several weeks now....still no frost!

I stumbled upon these darling hangers that you attach a carved pumpkin onto and hang in your trees at Gardner's Supply....aren't they cute! Well you may know I have a pumpkin fetish and could not resist these...so I ordered 1 set for myself and another set to give away. They are on sale too! It has been a few years since I have actually carved a pumpkin and I'm looking forward to buying 2 basketball sized pumpkins to carve for these hangers. I also like the fact that you can run these hangers through a clay pot for spring/summer time use as well! Very nifty & versatile too!

I am currently working on finishing up the next group of new pattern designs for the Fall Quilt Market. I will be posting a sneak peak in a couple of weeks. There is a mix of punch needle & dolls in this group.

Happy Autumn,


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Carrie P. said...

What a great idea for the pumpkins.