Christmas Count Down....

Christmas is just 65 days from today! It is time to start stitchin those holiday decorations and gifts. Country Stitches is brimming with new patterns for your holiday stitching. Shown above is our JUST RELEASED Santa pattern for 2008. North Woods St. Nick measures 22" from the tip of his hat to his pointy-toed boots. He is simply dressed in a plain wooly flannel robe, complete with a linen ditty pocket that has charming woodland motifs cross stitched on it. The pocket is then filled with great smelling Sweet Annie & vintage candy canes for added charm & detail.

Be sure to visit our PATTERNS BY OTHERS category on our website as we have some great new stitchery patterns from Kathy Schmitz! We will be adding more patterns to this category in the coming weeks so please do keep an eye on it!

til next time,



Carrie P. said...

I can't believe Christmas is that close. Oh me!

Anonymous said...

Brenda, he's a cutie!