O Tannenbaum!

O Tannenbaum was a teaching piece last year at the Shepherd's Bush Retreat.  It is now available for re-release!    

The pattern does explains the layout, but I would like to further explain to clear up any questions that you may have.  I am assuming you are using the called for,  9" x 26" cut of 36 count of  Legacy linen when I explain.  I can't stress enough to thoroughly read the instructions!  The best piece of instruction advise comes in step 1 -  it says,  
pretend you are stitching one piece and stitch as such.   In other words, cut and tape the 5 pages of the chart together, overlapping the gray areas. (see below photo of chart)   The stitched sections do not get cut apart until all 5 are stitched.   I recommend doing a center start.  Once you have the chart pages set side by side, it will be clear how they get stitched on the 9" x 26" cut of linen.   This layout is to best accommodate the cut of linen, with the least amount of waste.  It also allows you to work with a larger piece of linen, rather then small cuts that make our hands tired, or don't fit into our hoops, etc. ;)  NOTE -  You will see that 2 of the sections lay on the linen side ways (page 1 & page 3), that is correct!  Just turn both your linen and chart, so they read correctly, when you stitch those two sections.   
Hope this helps & enjoy!

And the following three patterns
round out
the holiday cross stitch for 2017!

Wishing you all a lovely holiday season!



Clare said...

I have brought this pattern with frame. Looking forward to starting,only waiting on threads and looking at linen. Thanks for update. Happy Stitching.

woolwoman said...

thanks for the tips - 3 out of 4 of these patterns have been purchased and I'm ready to start O' Tannebaum as soon as threads arrive. Love them all !

denise said...


Judy said...

There was a lot of discussion on this a few weeks ago at our last needle gathering . Thank you for your clarification and photo, Brenda—very helpful.

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