5th & Final Day!

Well this is it folks, the final preview of what's NEW & COMING SOON from WTN&T!  Thanks for joining me each morning.  If there is anything that you need to add to your stash, contact your LNS and put a little "bug" in their ear!

There will also be a Limited Edition Market Kit.  These will be very limited in quantity, therefore, no sneak peeks before market from me.  I will let your LNS share, as they wish, on this.   The title of the sweet little kit is "Ode to the Ort Basket".  

The second collection in the Essamplaire Petite Collections is especially created for all the A&E collectors!  The pattern will consist of 4 tiny samplers.  Once again, there is a larger (3" x 5") signature sampler and then 3 tiny (2 1/2" x 3") samplers that coordinate with the larger piece.  These are worked on 40 count linen over 2 threads.  Frame information and finishing technique will be supplied in the pattern.

 X X X X X 

Put your hands to work,
your hearts to God.
                         - Mother Ann Lee, 1736 - 1784

I have always loved this early Shaker saying and it was my inspiration for the 
Heart & Hand sampler.    While all the motifs in this piece are my original, I wanted the piece to have the feel of an antique Rhode Island sampler.  Floral filled urns flank a center cartouche' filled with working characters, alphabet and the heart & hand verse.  The Dove blue linen really adds charm to this piece.  I am finding myself growing more and more fond of working with the color linens...how about you?

This completes the pattern preview days.  There are still lots of things to finish up and cross off my "market to-do list".  Then I need to whip myself into shape...like, get a hair cut & color!!

With thy Needle & Thread,


Lori from Notforgotten Farm said...

Each one of your new offerings are just so beautiful Brenda ~ loving the soft colors!
Have fun at market :)

Cathy Lloyd said...

Oh Brenda!!! Simply beautiful projects!! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

This is beautiful, makes me think of a rainy spring day.

MaryAnn said...

So uttterly dainty, delicate and beautiful are all 5 days of sneek peeks! Is there any chance, dear heart, that you are taking pre-orders? I want everything!



C Reeder PhxAz said...

As always your designs never disappoint - Very beautiful. Can't wait to get my hands on them. They work well with the soft colors and tranquil feel for the teaching I do in recovery/therapy groups. Your pieces are always tranquil to me and that seems to be the case with the ones who are in recovery as well. Thank you again for all your thought process and hard work getting all this ready. They will truly be a highlight at market.

Annelein said...

Love the sneek peeks...... You made such lovely designs....<3...

Karen said...

This one is very unusual. You have designed a wonderful more intricate border that delights me. I am fond of samplers that have an intricate border. Ann Gabhart has written fiction novels that describe and center around a Kentucky Shaker community. I loved the books so your piece speaks to me. Looking forward to seeing this one in its entirety.

Janet said...

Thank you for sharing all of these great stitcheries......Wow you've been busy. They all look great !

Janet said...

Thank you for sharing all of these great stitcheries......Wow you've been busy. They all look great !

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Always beautiful things from you. Have a nice trip.

Donna said...

I love the Rhode Island sampler format very cute

Ronda said...

Oh my I need them all!!! Heart in Hand may be my favorite! cant wait till they are out for sale!

Rachel said...

I'm so looking forward to these releases. Heart & Hand looks beautiful, and I can't wait for Lady Liberty.

Unknown said...

I would love to stitch your ort basket ! Where can I find one please

Unknown said...

I love your Heart & Hand Sampler! and yes the blue linen is so lovely. Can you please give to me the color number or where you purchased ? Your stitching's are gorgeous. Thank you. Pam

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