Happy Mother's Day!

To all you Mom's & Grandmother's,
Happy Mother's Day!
I have enjoyed a day of phone call greetings from both of our kids,
a day of quiet stitching.
Yesterday was spent having lunch and shopping with
my 85 year old Mother & sisters...
Mom was pretty quick to let every
waitress and store clerk know
that she was our mom...
she is so cute!
Mother's Day weekend also marks the return of the 
 Rose Breasted Grosbeaks and Baltimore Orioles to our backyard.
Like clockwork, every year!

They are hungry little buggers...
so I've been busy with bird chores.
Hmmm....where is that grape jelly?
I am on my third large jar of jam,
 since Friday
and I've lost count on the oranges!
 (male Oriole in front, female in back)
I will enjoy this spectacular view from my kitchen window for about two weeks,
and then they are off...

 off to the rural countryside
 where they'll find some big old Cottonwood tree
and weave their hanging
pouch-like nests,
in which to raise their young.
 The grosbeaks are here just to enjoy the feast of safflower
 and then...

(male Rose Breasted Grosbeak)
they will continue their journey
a bit farther northward
to their nesting grounds.

 (female Rose Breasted Grosbeak)

life is good.
Wishing you all a week full of sunshine,

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