Framing is in progress!  
 I prefer my work to be under glass,
 but for photography reasons,
 this doesn't get done until after the photos are shot
 for the pattern covers. 
You will notice that I use fillets or slits when selecting frames.
  Those are the little enhancement strips inside of the main frame.
These work wonderfully for those who choose to use glass.
After the photography is done; and the sampler is ready to be hung in my home for enjoyment, the glass will be inserted into the piece.
  The glass will be inserted between the frame and the fillet. 
 This will allow space between the glass and needlework
 so the piece can "breathe". 
 The piece then will get covered with paper for dust protection.
Photo sneak peeks are of 3 new charts releasing soon. 
Pumpkin Brew
Pink Sparrow Sampler
Summer Sampler of the Season...
this completes this seasonal series.
This series all finishes out the same size, allowing you to use the same frame....just pop out the past season and pop in the current.  A Valley House Primitives frame was the frame of choice for this series.
Keep a close eye right here for the releasing of these charts...I'll keep you posted!
With thy Needle & Thread,


gracie said...

I see a purchase in the near future!

aprilmecheelesdulllife said...

I Can't wait!!! I'm so giggley!! Is that a word? lol

Ginger said...

I am looking forward to more of your beautiful work joining my to-do list!

edie said...

Brenda, this is just cruel!!!!! I'll be watching . . . I know I HAVETOHAVE all three. Hurry, please!

Jodi S said...

Wow - I like what I see in all of the sneak peaks. I think I am in trouble!

Bernadett said...


Unknown said...

I can't wait to see all of them!!!

Anja said...

Very interesting to read about glass or no glass.
I know, it is better to protect the work behind glass, but then I have the feeling that my work is gone, locked up, not touchable, no contact. That is not, why I stitched it. So my work is without glass.
But I understand the other side.

Liebe Grüße aus Deutschland von

Lida said...

They look fantastic also I love the frames! Greetings