Buena Vista!

My husbands 40 minute commute to work
 takes him through the rural countryside of Buena Vista and Pocahontas counties.
After commuting this for 20 plus years, he has found various quiet county blacktops for the trip...
the less traveled roads.
It was on one of these rural blacktops,
 about 200 yards from the road,
 he spotted a very large nest.
At supper that evening,
we talked the usual "work talk",
 "how was your day talk",
 and he mentioned he thought he might have spotted an eagles nest. 
So, with camera in tow, we went for a Sunday drive.
The big tree stands out in an open area along a creek bed.
Upon arrival, things seemed pretty quiet at the nest.  
No little heads bobbing up and down in the nest. 

 We just sat there enjoyed the smell of fresh black dirt,
 sounds of cow mooing off in the distance,
and watched,
   The creeks are running good with all of the rain we have had,
 and everything is starting to green up. 
 From watching the Decorah eagle cam,
 I was aware that the parent eagles usually sit in a tree
 relatively close to their nest.
I spy two eagles! 
Sitting in a tree next to the nest, there they were!
Sitting there so majestically, are mom and dad!
  This is the best I could do with my 270mm lens. 
Can you spot them in the tree?

 After several minutes of taking in the warmth of the early evening sun,
one flies off,
 following the creek,
fishing time!

 Buena Vista, beautiful view.
You may have heard about the eagles nest from Decorah, IA that has the webcam and went viral.  We all watched it, and didn't get anything else done, but watch the eaglets.  Some may not know that the parents started building a new nest over the winter months.  They chose the "over yonder" nest to raise this years young ones, so no Iowa eagle came.  I am relying on Facebook updates on the nest.  The pair has a nest of three eaglets and they seem to be doing well.
  I miss those cute little "poop squirts"....anyone else?!!
Happy May Day,


Patty ♣ said...

YES! Brenda, I am really missing watching the wee eagles grow. I giggle when mom and dad have a difference of opinion sometimes. I must confess I'm still working on my X stitch....I'll finish it, it just gets put away for a while now and then. I still love it.

Mary said...

What a great find....Mom and Dad. I miss the Decorah eagles too, watching other nest is not the same. Next year it looks like we will have both nest with cameras.

santadeb said...

It wss great fun to read your blog this AM, my aunt and uncle and 8 cousins were on a farm outside of Havelock and I drove a lot of those county roads you are discussing. Great times, to Laurens for ice cream or to Pokie...as we called it. Simpler time and so fun. Glad you saw the eagles, I live in Omaha now and we see many near the Missouri

Jennifer H said...


Just started to follow your blog and love it! Any chance of getting an opportunity to purchase your now out of stock floss keeps? I keep drooling over them!

Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H

gracie said...

Thank you for sharing.

Lida said...

Fantastic photo's! Over here we have no eagles so I love to see them! Greetings

Lyn said...

Wow, how neat! I miss the Decorah eagles too. Hopefully they will be able to get a cam set up at the new nest before the next nesting season (and hopefully they will stay with that nest too....)

Teresita said...

Me gusta tu blog!, las imágenes muy lindas, aunque nos demuestran que aunque la vida no esté completa con flores y hojas, cerca de nuestro hogar podemos ser felices igual, pensando que llegarán tiempos mejores.

Kathy B. said...

My sister and I watched the eagle cam and were obsessed like many other viewers. Then last spring her husband spotted an adult eagle in a tree near their corn pit in rural western New York State and caught a quick picture using his cell phone. Last week he spotted a large bird and decided perhaps it may be one of the off-spring from last year - about the size of an adult, but no white head feathers. We hope to spot them again hunting for mice and small animals near the pit. So exciting!

cl said...

My "Soar" is hanging in my front hall this month. I also loaned my chart to a friend who is about to finish it on abecedarian and it is also quite lovely. I was thinking the other day that I should check on the Iowa Eagles - so sorry to hear the pair decided not to use the nest this year,