Cute as a bugs ear!

Tiny little book of needles,
each decorated with tiny X's that make up it's cover design.
Offered in 3 sizes of needles. 
 Each sweet little book is home to six nickel-plated,
 high quality,
 tapestry needles. 
 The needles of choice for cross stitch.

A little stitching sentiment
 adorns the backside of each booklet.

Offered in sizes 24 - 26 - 28...
your most often used sizes of needles for cross stitch. 
What size needle to use? 
My general guideline is:
14 to 16  count - size 24
18 count  - size 26
32 count or above - size 26 or 28
Size 28's are my favorite for working over 1 thread on small count linens.
The bigger the needle number, the smaller the needle.
Just remember, the higher the count linen, the higher number needle size!
This is just what works best for me, others may have their own favorites. 
Remember, you want the eye of your needle
 to be big enough
 to gently open the fibers, slightly.
  This allows more room
 for the floss to move through the linen
 and prevents the floss from fraying.
The little book of needles
 are sold exclusively through www.countrystitchesonline.com
 can be viewed under the NEW ITEMS category there.
And lastly,
 a couple of sneak peeks...
The book of needle cover designs have been charted
for stitching,

are currently being stitched
 for future pattern releases. 
The above piece, "The Sampler House" needs some frogging...
Can you spot my error?
I stitched the crow onto the wrong letter...{sigh}
With thy Needle & Thread,


gracie said...

Guess the crow was a little off on his landing! I just love your work.

Patti said...

My first thought was that the crow should be stitched sitting on the "C" since crow begins with C!

Love the little designs, they would make darling pincushions or scissor fobs.

Kathy said...

Oh my goodness, I just love the little "matchbook" needlebooks. They are adorable. Thank you for charting them up.

Unknown said...

Very nice..
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Unknown said...

The cover of the needles are really wonderful I wait for the pattern's release!! I usually like to stitch with a big needle, I use 26 for 40 ct (my favorite linen) and 24 for 30, 32 ct but after your advice only Bohin ones!!!

Evelyne said...

I thing that the crow must landing on the E.
Lovely needlebooks.