A finish is in sight!

I've really enjoyed
 reproducing and stitching
 the J.M. Gardner- 1888 sampler.
 I'm rounding third base
and on my way home
 with this piece...
just a few more posies
 to stitch in the border!
A finish is in sight!
She is such a sweet little sampler,
just 7" square!
Small in size,
but fully filled
with some of my favorite motifs...
Last evening I finished up the fruit basket.
I like J.M. Gardner's version of this motif...
a more long and stretched out version.
A fruit basket that symbolizes
love & fertility, and a
 couple of crowns  for
The sampler also has a lovely little brick house.  
Often times,
 this motif was a representation of the girls
 perhaps the school
 in which she learned to stitch.
After stitching so many apples...
dark red ones,
light red ones,
green ones
yellow ones...
I was craving an apple.
A carameled apple,
to be exact!
Doesn't that sound good?
It's that time of year!
I hear the local apples are ready. 
Time for apple dumplings and carmeled apples...
Pumpkins and mumms
 greeted me at the grocery store yesterday!
Can it be?
I'm asking myself,
where did the summer go? 
And lastly,
only because I know someones
going to want to know/ask...
An estimated release date for the
J.M. Gardner - 1888
chart will be sometime in September.
With thy Needle & Thread,


gracie said...

Can't wait to see the finish.

Anonymous said...

neat piece...I just love fruit baskets.

Judy said...

Looks like a great little piece. Love the colors that I see in it.

Do you have a date for Frances Pool yet?

Can't wait to see all your new designs, love the ones I am seeing. One that I recently bought "Feather Your Nest". Can hardly wait to start stitching it up!

Kathy L. said...

Can't wait to see the finish! This looks like another one of yours I will need to stitch.


Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

I can't wait for that pattern to be released.

Lynn said...

J. M. Gardner is shaping up to be an absolutely lovely little sampler! I've been watching your progress with this one and I can't wait until its release date. This one's definitely a must for me.

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