one pair of suspenders
 for a very hard working
 "cinnamon" truck driver!

(potty training isn't going too well, 
he's too busy making cement)...
The above photo was in my email box when I got home from 
work this afternoon...
totally made my day,
gotta love those khaki shorts dangling around
those little ankles! 

When momma asks Beckham if he has to go potty,
his return comment is,
"no thank you, mommy".
What can you say?
He's got the polite thing down!
Have a good evening everyone,


Peggy Lee said...

All in his own time, I suppose! He's such a cutie pie, and with excellent manners too!

Patti said...

Oh my gosh, I so love your Beckham stories! Being a mom of 3 (all grown up) boys I can relate to trucks and potty-training woes! The "cinnamon" truck made me LOL. My oldest loved fire trucks and when he was just beginning to put words together "fire truck" came out sounding like one very bad 4-letter word that starts with an F! Whenever he heard a siren he would start yelling it over and over! Very embarrassing if we had visitors at the house : /

Anonymous said...

LOVE the picture--reminds me of days not too long ago. Boys sure can be stubborn about the potty training--I had to declare 'war' with my 3 year old over it because he was just not going to do it. Once war was declared, things went pretty quickly fortunately. I seem to remember him trying to be polite about things too so I would not push it. The 'cinnamon' truck reminds me of the days of S'nores (instead of s'mores'). Becky

cl said...

Little Boys are always TOO BUSY to use the potty .... and summertime when they are outside playing is the worst! Good Luck momma!

Karen said...

Manners go a long way!

Lynn said...

Just priceless!! How can you push the toilet training with a response like that?! Too cute!