Road Work...

Later this afternoon we are heading west.
Planning on some of this...
I'm prepared for it!
with any luck
it won't be this sort of road work...
 this sort of road work...
hours and hours of in-the-car-style-stitching...
or my road work,
as I'm calling it.
 I'll be spending the 10 hour drive
 stitching the August Word Play.

And maybe even put the first stitch or two in the below piece...
(for those of you who loved the House of Blues & Browns Sampler chart,
this is a spin off of it, only for Halloween...it's spooky fun!)
Where are we going?

We are heading to Denver, CO 
to visit our son, Matthew.
  I'm excited to see him,
it's been since Christmas.
 He's promised us
 a meal of his famous smoked pork! 
On Sunday, Father's Day,
Matthew and the dh
 are riding in a 100 mile bike ride 
around the Denver area.
  Which includes peddling up Look Out Mountain, yikes!
I hyperventilate and get leg cramps just looking at the photo of
that winding mountain road.
   As for me,
 I'll be sitting in his backyard patio,
 enjoying the dry summertime air of Denver
while stitching, 
and worrying, hoping
that the males in the Gervais family
 will return without incident,
no biking for me.  

P.S....Linen update,
we now have the 35 count Abecedarian Linen used on the Word Plays back in stock.
  Our order of the 40 count Parchment linen, used on the thimble purse patterns, is in transit to us.  I'll post this for sale on our website when I get back from our quick little trip.

Toodle loo,


Ann said...

Have a wonderful time in Denver. Just came back from there. Went on the the most fantastic garden tour Saturday in Denver. Our daughter lives in northern CO and the smoke at times from the fire was unpleasant to say the least. What I am really writing to you about are some wonderful eating items that I found for my 3 year old grandson who is so into trucks etc like your grandson! At the Cupboard in downtown Fort Collins I found a plate and three eating utensils that are construction related. Of course like a good Nana should, I bought them for him! They are made by Constructive Eating and the website is www.constructiveeating.com.

Thank you for creating so many wonderful designs for all of us to enjoy!


P.S. The Botanic Gardens in Denver are a wonderful place to spend time!

Ann said...

P.S. Just looked these items are on Amazon as well. Ann

Penny said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip! The colors in the Halloween sampler look amazing.... can't wait to see it! I'm with you..... I'd be sitting/stitching while the others bike... especially uphill on a windy mountain road. Good luck to the Gervais men!!

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful time with your son. Enjoy the weather and stitching.

~*Sharee*~ said...

You'll be just down the road from me hun; If you go thru Pueblo, stop at The Black-Eyed Pea Restaurant and see me...:) Hope you have a safe trip..

Hugs, Shar

Jannie said...

Bunch of us followers live out here. Lookout Mt. is a treasure. Take a trip to Evergreen nearby. Nice town with beautiful surroundings and lots of wildlife.
Love the colors of the new project. Enjoy your trip to our beautiful state!

mdgtjulie said...

I hope you have a great trip, Brenda. And that the men in the family do you proud (and don't get injured or dehydrated or anything). Make lots of progress!!

NIKY said...

I've been in Denver visitng my dearest friends in february - beginning of march, it'a very nice area, I enjoyed so much rocky mountains!!!

Patti-Rocky Mtn Stitcher said...

Hopefully the fires here and the heat won't make for a bad stay. Head to Estes at least its cooler there.

Zane Wooder said...

100 mile bike ride. You most be super fit. I struggle to do a couple km's.