Little boys & trucks...

You all know from previous blog posts that Beckham loves trucks... 
Garbage Trucks...
UPS trucks...
At Easter time
 I had sent his Easter Basket
 to him
 and told him that,
 "tomorrow a brown truck is going to come to your house and bring you a present"...
UPS delivered the Easter basket
 Beckham thought that was  pretty neat.
  Next morning he arose 
and asked momma 
if a brown truck
 was going to bring him a present today?
  He now thinks
 grandpa drives
 the UPS truck!

And then there are these,
Cement trucks...
"Cinnamon" trucks as Beckhams calls them.  They have a lot of building going on in their neighborhood and he loves watching them out the front door.  He told me, as the truck was leaving, "the cinnamon" truck will be back, he has to take his kids to school"...  yep, made me laugh too!  

A couple days ago we were at the gas station, and the dh poked his head in the car door and told me,
"we have a cinnamon truck behind us", yep, sure enough, I turned around to see a cement truck!  Grandpa said he'll never forget that and that is what we now call them!

A few day ago a new sort of truck came into Beckham's world...
the ice cream truck!
From the  photo,
 grandma B is guessing
 he was a little reserved
 about this pink polka dotted truck!
I'm willing to bet 
it will soon be another favorite truck
 and he'll soon be watching YouTube videos
 of ice cream trucks on momma's iphone!

Hope your day is a sweet one,


suz said...

Love the "cinnamon" trucks story. It's wonderful how these words become part of a family history. It's never foggy in our family, it's always froggy (and my son is now 30!); and we never saw fire trucks, we always saw pumper tankers (didn't matter, they were all pumper tankers!) Beckham is surely a joy.

jan said...

Brenda -

You have to google Mighty Machines and see all that is available (some on You Tube) for Beckham. My grandson absolutely LOVED this series through Netflix, and it was kind of interesting for the rest of us. Long live trucks for our grandsons! ... jan

Patty ♣ said...

Cute, cute, cute!! I had our first son convinced that the ice cream truck was "The Music Man" for a long time. That was until a neighbor bought the kiddos ice cream one afternoon...Love the new names children give things!

Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

Aw so cute! As a kid I used to run to the window to watch the garbage truck, but I have no idea why, lol.

linda said...

I love the stories with all the trucks! Every time I see a garbage truck now, I think of Beckham!

C Reeder PhxAz said...

When my brother was small he wanted to be a Tonka Truck when he grew up. Not the guy who drove it, but the truck! He is now 40+ and owns his own construction company (yea, in this economy!). All his tonka toys from childhood are sitting on shelves behind his desk in his office with fond memories. Boys and their trucks!

Jacque. said...

this is the cutest story every!