I need a hair cut and color every 4 weeks.
 The key word is
it only happens about every 8 weeks.
 when I decide I can squeeze the 2 plus hour appointment in,
 I make it with some urgency.
  The kind little lady asks,
 "and when would you like this for?"
 and I always want to say,
 "like, today"...

   You are probably wondering why I just don't pre-book...
because, I'm afraid I'll forget.
You know,
 the memory
 just isn't as good as it used to be...
and I'm really bad at keeping a calendar,
and or,
 I loose the little appointment card in that amount of time...

So a few days ago,
 being almost blinded by the glitter of the grey hair patch,
that resides on the right side of my head,
 in my rear view mirror,
 I decided
 today was the day
 to make thee  hair appointment.
  The soonest I could get in for a hair cut, color & foil was July 20th...
I screamed, literally. 
The poor lady on the phone sensed the urgency,
 and said we could possibly squeeze me in for just a cut tomorrow (yesterday), 
the color will have to be done at a later date.  
So, I opted for a 2-part deal...
Now, I would have to find another day
to squeeze this in.

Barb, my beautician,
 introduced me to something
 to hold me over until my color appointment...
Grey Free
 It will be my savior until my hair color appointment rolls around.
It is amazing and well worth the 12 bucks!
Have you ever tried this stuff?
It is a miracle on a wand!
Comes in all hair colors,
says it's even safe to use on mens beards...
now, that makes me laugh!
For some reason,
I'm having a hard time coming up with a visual
of my darling husband using such a thing...
You just simply apply like mascara to the grey hairs
and they are gone...
until you wash your hair,
 then you reapply.

Hair appointments used to be fun.
I'm just realizing that they have become work
are stressful.
because when you are a "50 something year old" female,
 you just hope that while your head is wrapped in tin foil
your torso is draped in plastic,
while sitting under a hair dryer
 you don't have a hot flash...
sucks to grow old!

And since we are on the topic of hair,
 or lack there of...
let me share a photo of the two grand darlings,
 and a cute little incident.
Their daddy was in Holland on business for 10 days,
 and during this time frame
 he celebrated his birthday. 
 mommy wanted to send him a photo of the kids 
along with a birthday greeting.

  I was there when this little photo shoot took place. 
 See the sweet smile on big brothers face? 
 The baby sister started the photo session
in a more upright position in big brothers lap,
 which made him giggle...
her little fluff,
of what hairs she has,
 was tickling Beckham in the chin,
 the sweet smile on his face!
It was such a cute moment 
and the photo now graces my computer screen,

Hoping you are all having a good "hair day",


khoeppner said...

Cute pic of your little darlings. Avry is sooo petite. And did you get the hair color stick at your salon?

Anna said...

I finally realized that making an appt. every 6 weeks was going to keep me from going postal...and it has been working!
so sweet...those little ones!

Anonymous said...

I feel your pain. I use to be able to go over 6-7 weeks but now it's an absolute necessity at 4 or 5. What would we do without our hairdressers?


Tina said...

I am in my mid-50s and since I have dark hair, I would have to have touch-ups every four weeks or so. When I retired two years ago I decided to stop coloring it and I am so happy I did. The hardest part was growing it out. I've gotten tons of complements on the "new" color from friends as well as strangers, and the best part is that I'm only at the salon for cuts every six weeks and I'm saving tons of money and time! I'm really glad I stopped coloring it and I'm very happy with my natural color ;) !!

my happy bluebird said...

Your grandchildren are beautiful :-) I use regular (waterproof) mascara for the grays at my temple area. Works great as a temporary coverup and costs less the "hair color stick".

CottageGardener said...

What a precious pic!

CottageGardener said...

What a precious pic!

Penny said...

Such a cute pic of the grands.... they are as sweet as can be!

Your post reminds me of myself at the salon..... Thankfully I've known my hairdresser for many years.... when she sees my face turning beet red and feels the heat coming out of the top of my head, she takes the cape and towel off without saying a word(I still have a robe on to protect my clothes), and the dear thing will even go and open up the door next to her booth!!! Although we laugh and joke about it, I tell her that her day is coming.... then she won't think it's so funny!! :)

cl said...

My hair is very dark and thanks to my Mom's genetics - at 60+ I have few gray/white hairs. But I too forget to make that appointment and sometimes the hair gets soooo long.
Thanks for the reminder - I'll call today.

jan said...

I too am all too familiar with the down sides of getting older, but grandkids more than make up for it, and you've got a couple of real cuties. Love the shared photos and stories - keep them coming. ...jan

flowers on my table said...

I enjoyed this post. I tend to avoid the hairdressers and only go once or twice a year. I colour my own, in the shower, but it's a messy business. I haven't seen that product for sale here...looks good. The photo of your grandchildren is adorable. Love Linda x

Anonymous said...

Love the Beckham story--they grow so fast!
talk about a bad hair day--I was running late for VBS, so washed the hair and went out the door. Of course this was the day they took photos of each areas workers! Becky

DebbieSFL said...

Brenda, I keep my hair appointment card in my wallet and put the appointment in Outlook both at work and at home and write it in my organizer notebook that I carry in my backpack. And in the middle of moving during the month of May...forgot the appointment!!! So, feeling your pain!

denise said...

i know all bout the 4 wk hair cut as far as the color goes i just said forget it and let go grey! aren't grandbabies wonderful? denise

P.J. said...

I have not a scheduled appt in years, because I always forget. I usually call my girl on a Monday to get in on one of her late nights or by the next Saturday. Most of time no worries, just have to mindful of Prom and wedding season. I just know when I need a cut. I can still let the color go a littl long, bu noticed a WHOLE lot more greys up there this time around. Hmmm. Thanks for sharing your hair raising adventure.

Peggy Lee said...

That is the most precious grandbaby pic ever! Love it!!

As for the grays...I never understood why some of us girls feel that gray hair is a bad thing. I love every one of mine...I've earned them all!
But if that makes you feel better I say go for it!

Lyn said...

Beautiful photo of your grandchildren, they are so gorgeous!

mdgtjulie said...

I'm already half gray (and at only forty, for goodness sakes), and I don't really care who sees it! I never color my hair, and my mom doesn't understand why. It's like all those little gray hairs show what a hard life I've lived, and I'm proud that I've made it this far. (Since I'm a brunette, they're REALLY visible too. Ah, well, life, lol.) Thanks for sharing the cute pic of the grands too. They're both darling!!

Anonymous said...

The sweet lady who does my hair calls me when she knows I am past due for color and cut....her timing is always perfect. I don't know why she puts up with me, but I am lucky to have her.......Trudy

Lyn said...

Brenda, my hairdresser (here in Australia) sends a text message the day before my appointment to remind me, perhaps you could suggest that to yours. I make an appointment for every 5 weeks knowing that I will always be reminded.

Evonne said...

Precious picture! And my little secret is I've actually been using my mascara to touch up some of my gray for ages! Just use a light touch when applying. Works great!