SPAM keys & Pincushions...

I collect antique & vintage pincushions.
 This one sits in a little vignette,
 along with other pincushions,
 on a little side table
next to my stitching settee.

I bought it as is...
threaded needles.

 It is this little rocker
 that catches my eye
 makes me laugh

For some crazy reason
 it reminds me of SPAM.
Yea, that's right...
the meat in the can!
Any SPAM lovers out there?
Any SPAM key lovers out there?
 You know,
 the little key that you used
 to take the top off
 of the
 SPAM can?
Loved that key...
 It formed such a cute little curl of steel...
 much like the little curls
 on my little rocking chair pincushion.  
A pincushion made from a pop can.

 I always wonder,
 did they use the SPAM key to create these little chairs?
 Inquiring minds want to know...

 And by the way,
 I don't like SPAM.
 Mom would try sneaking it past us
 when we were kids...
 fry it up nice and brown
 and put it on bread,
drown it with mustard
they'll never know it came from a can...

 I didn't like this so-called mystery meat,
 captivated by it's little key
 the cute little spiral of steel...

Have a good day,


Vickie said...

Awesome pincushion! Love it.

Lanie said...

Noooo, I do no like Spam! But I do adore your pincushion! Wouldn't you love to hear the stories those pins could tell!

gracie said...

We never had Spam at my house, but my dad loved sardines and the can came with the same key and made curls too.

suz said...

When you first mentioned Spam, I was thinking of it's newest definition (unwanted junk mail) and didn't get it. Once you mentioned the key...oh my, you are so right! Too funny. I'm with you, never bought into Spam, but loved opening it up!

Deb said...

I have a chair just like that but with a red cushion. I think that they call them tramp art or can art. I never thought of it looking like it was made from a can of Spam, but you're right. It reminds you of the strip that comes off with the key.

I do like Spam - probably not a good thing. It's not very healthy at all!!

Chocolates4Breakfast (Terri Malinovich) said...

The ONLY way I will eat Spam is in fried rice, sitting on a lanai, overlookin the ocean in Hawaii. Otherwise, it's a no-go.

Love your pincushion!

jenny said...

Lovely! I love your job!

sunny said...

My grandmother had a pincushion like that! I wonder what ever happened to it. And I will go on record as saying publicly that I LOVE Spam!

Labbiegirl said...

Dad did not allow Spam in the house after he served in WWII. I think Spam is like Twinkies...need I say more.

The pin cushion is darling. Yes, keys[Spam, sardines, etc.]... Love keys, decorate with them... have the keys to a castle somewhere my Daddy stayed with his unit during WWII.

Lots of meanings and creativity associated with keys.

Hope you read Kate Spain's blog concerning
perserving designer's rights.

Stitching by the White River said...

My Grandfather use to make those Tin Rockers, he also made Christmas snow flakes , I have a large barrel full all those type of items made from cans..

Colleen MacKinnon; Penny Rugs and More said...

Someone my grandmother knew made those tin can chair pincushions. All the girls in my family received one. Mine is a couch style and it had a velvet cushion. I recovered in later in life with what I thought was more "appropriate". Ha! Anyway, I never let it go, reminded me of my grandma. I love yours, it's definitely a keeper! Spam, yuck to both kinds!

Gloria said...

Brenda... I LOVE Spam!!! I still fry some up now and then... real crispy!!! Yes.. I to loved those keys.. I remember my mother NOT letting us open the can so we wouldn't cut ourselves.

Gloria said...

Brenda.. will you have a booth in the Kansas City Quilt Market! I sooooo love touching and looking at your things... IN PERSON!!

Patty ♣ said...

Oh what a smile that gives me! I had the same Spam feelings as a girl! Our dad was a Marine and when he would come home from war we would "get" to try some of his rations, that he hadn't eaten.
He sometimes would concoct something with Spam for us to eat. Ugg! I did love the key thingie, and your darling pin cushion is so like one of those! BTW, I keep checking on the Floss Keeps! I need two Threads of Time!!! (smile) Hope your new baby is here safe and sound by now!

Peggy said...

omg -- I had one of those tincan pincushions -- I wonder what I did with it????