And to think I missed it...

Our little town's running club
hosted a half a marathon
around our lake over the holiday weekend.
I was out of town.
I missed it.

Pictured above (the lady in red) is the runner-up in the matron class.
Sarah Heath of Des Moines, Iowa.
She finished in 1:46:10
not too shabby.
Pretty darn good time.

It appears this speedster
in red
is jockeying for position
by running on the grass
to get around the pack of runners.
And to think I missed her,
along with almost everyone else,
who was running along side
Doesn't make me feel so bad.

She and her husband Todd,
slipped into the City Beautiful,
checked into the King's Pointe Resort
Saturday evening,
where they spent the night.

She arose bright and early,
threw on a bright red sweatshirt,
a pair of dark sunglasses
and a large white visor
and registered for the half marathon
under a fictitious city
her maiden name.

Who ever said,
politicians don't lie

Incognito and all,
Sarah Palin is running folks!
Marathons that is...

Some may think this is what she should stick to,
running marathons.
And now you may tar and feather me...
I couldn't help myself.

Enough politics,
is it November 2012 yet????????

Have a good day,


Anonymous said...

Yes, I think marathons should be her focus. :)

Auntie M

Nancy said...

I agree, marathons should be her focus. ;)

MoonBeam said...

Amen to the above!

TheCrankyCrow said...

You're an absolute hoot Brenda!! LOVE it!!! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Vanessa said...

Well, we all know she would run circles around Obama. Go Sarah!

Kaisievic said...

Good on her - at least she is trying to keep fit. Now, despite having studied American history in Year 11 at high school, I still don't understand your election system!

Mary @ Neat and Tidy said...

Well, I think she is just inspiring in a lot of ways; and this is just one of them. I wish I had her energy.