Day 3...

Hop on over to Quilts by Cheri for day 3 of the Home for the Holidays Blog Hop. Cheri has a complimentary quilt pattern for you...a wonderful little "scrappy" quilt with wool applique adornments and hand embroidery. I love Cheri's cookies...they remind me of just how my Grammy Fisher's cookies looked! Hurry...go check these Christmas goodies out!

Hop on over & enjoy,

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sharon said...

Hi Brenda! Just found your blog thru your website, and I have to say it is really beautiful! Long story short, I am a jewelry designer/srtist/crafter! Used to do cross stitch, saw needle punch at a local show on the weekend, started researching, found your website(THEE BEST PATTERNS!), and am now trying to decide which one to try first! Do you have a beginner recommendation.....I love all the primitives! I am looking at all the cross stitch too and I feel the urge, I'm getting all jittery! Thanks for your great blog, info, and inspiration!