Thinking Autumn...

Dragonflies in the cornfields
Crickets singing
Monarchs hanging from the crab apple trees
Blooming bittersweet
Farmland turning from shades of green to autumn waves of grain
Busy squirrels...
sights and sounds of the approaching Autumn.

I work within the season, my color palette changes as the seasons do.
This is what I'm hoping to be doing this weekend...
Just my needle & I
and lovely
flosses in shades of bittersweet, acorn brown & lumina pumpkin.
You'll find me in my stitching chair working a late autumn design that I actually charted last year.
It's time to stitch it...don't you think?
It is a quick stitch
and I'm thinking horn book
as finish on this piece...
but don't hold me too it!!

we've had request for more Sewing Bird Clamp/Pin keeps...
we are expecting more to arrive next week. Will keep you all posted!

Wishing you all a beautiful autumn-like weekend,


Shari said...

can't wait to see what you do with these colors! Oh my!!!!! They are GORGEOUS!!!!!

clob said...

yes it's really good for me thinking autumn !
i love yours colors threads !