Can it be?
Can this little one really be 30 years old today?
This just seemed like yesterday...

Our annual visit to Grandma's the day she brought the baby chickens home....our job, dipping their beaks into the water.

One of my favorite pictures of you Erin...the only light in the brooder house was the warm glow of the heat lamps keeping the little chicks warm. You were 21 months old...close to the age of your very own little one. Yep, you do have a bit more hair then Beckham has!

The above photo was taken by Grandma of you & I, or should I say of you & my hands and nose? Body parts half cut off or a mysterious foot showing up at the bottom of a picture was Grandma's signature...hence, just my nose over there to the right, see it over there, nice! Little did we know, Grandma was just way ahead of times in body cropping when picture taking.

So Erin, it's another birthday that falls during Quilt Market...hate that when that happens!

Dad & I'll be thinking of you as we travel, unload and set up the booth today on this your 30Th birthday. I'll be thinking of the delicious meal Rob is cooking you and that yummy piece of birthday cake piled high with ice-cream & very much wishing I was there.

See you Monday & enjoy your day!

We Love You,

Mom & Dad


Ahl Cooped Up said...

I had to comment. I have a 30 year old Daughter named Erin too!
Have a good trip, and Happy Birthday Erin!

Carmen said...

Happy Birthday Erin! I got a little bit sentimental. It seems so fast time has passed.

Gayle said...

Brenda - The music on your blog is SO distracting and loud! Any way you can turn it down, and/or put it near the top so I can switch it off when I come to visit?

brenda gervais said...

Gayle - check the volume on your computer, the setting may be set too loud there.