I have been totally consumed this weekend with a new hobby....I'm asking myself, do I really need another hobby??!!! Wow, where was digital scrap booking when I had my babies? You see my photos aren't all in those darling little albums, no many of them are in Nike shoe boxes, I'm embarrassed to say!

I keep telling myself I am going to do better with pictures of our new little grandson, Beckham....so I've decided that digital scrap booking is the route I will take. You can still have all the cute little do-dads on the pages without all of the work of cutting, pasting & stamping. You simply download the pages and drag in your photos and then print the pages...piece of cake, right?

However....I must learn the layering proccess of Adobe Photo Shop first and that isn't a piece of cake at the moment! I have used the outdated Microgrx graphics program for years and keep telling myself I really need to start using that Photo Shop program I purchased a few years ago. After much persistence & a couple of days of experimenting I now have things figured out and am printing off pages....yippee!!! I am sharing a couple of the pics here on the blog...aren't they fun? These are actually teeny tiny (just 2.5" x 3.25") when printed and then you put the pictures in those plastic name badge holders, tie them all together with a ribbon and you have a sweet little photo album to tuck into your purse.

I began by doing a Google search for digital scrap booking. There are lots & lots of websites for downloading scrap booking pages. Some are free, some are for purchase.

A couple of my favorite sites are www.theshabbyshoppe.com and www.designerdigitals.com. The shabbyshoppe also has a blog that offers free calender downloads that you drag in a photo and save it as the background for your computer. My computer now has the darling February calendar (thanks to the shabby shoppe) with a photo of Beckham as the screen saver & I'm loving it!

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