If you haven't heard....the U.S. Postal rates had yet another increase as of January 18th. After postaging a batch of mail this morning I see a need for us to increase our shipping rates, very soon like! I don't like to do this....BUT we have not had a shipping increase for 3 years. Most packages that I shipped this morning were at a loss to us on shipping. A 1 lb. few oz box is now $6.12 (customer paid $4.25) to ship and that is at the Parcel Post rate, Priority rate is higher.

I will be spending some time on this, thinking through the best way to handle this increase. There are a few options, one being to increase the prices of the items that weigh more and require larger packaging. This is something we haven't done in the past and can be a bit hairy though...people who price compare will think our sticker price is too high. Another option is just an across the board shipping increase. If we keep the increase to a bare minimum there will be a need to ship more packages via Parcel Post, which is a slower method of moving mail....but do customers want to wait longer to receive their orders? Would they prefer to pay a bit more and receive them more quickly? Lots of questions to get figured out very quickly. I do foresee our shipping increases should be in place by weeks end.

So customers, let us know if you would pay for the faster shipping or if the slower, cheaper rate is okay with you!
Have a good week,


Edie in Harlingen, TX said...

Realizing your predicament, my answer may not be too helpful, but . . . I live where there are two psuedo quilt shops neither of whice carries the reproduction/civil war fabrics I love, and there are no stitchery/cross stitch shops, so I shop online exclusively. I compare shipping costs to what I would pay for gas to travel to local shops, and in the long run it is cheaper for me to shop online because I ALWAYS buy more than I intended when I go into a shop and browse -- extra things just leap into my hands. Of course, I want to get my order quickly so I can see and touch all the goodies I order, but I don't mind the slower delivery especially when it could mean I would have more $$ to spend on stuff. I do believe I would prefer to see the increase in the actual shipping charges rather than in the merchandise cost. Hope that helps -- now, a question for you: where can I find the gift ideas shown under "Great Gift Ideas for Your Crafting Friends!"? Thanks so much for your blog, your website, and yummy products. Best wishes to you for a prosperous, healthy, and happy new year.

Lynn Jones said...

slower and cheaper works for me/1

Lynn Jones said...

wait--did I just say cheaper and quicker, or did I imagine that? I need a nap! Let me reiterate--cheaper and slower is fine?