Back Home & Back to Work

Beckham all snuggled up in his Teddy Bear Fleece & ready to leave the hospital. He is not quite 48 hours old in this picture. Just as content as could be!

I spent a few days with Baby Beckham, Mommy & Daddy and had the time of my life! Being a grandparent is a wonderful experience. It gives you warm fuzzies watching your own children become these wonderful & loving parents...a neat experience in itself! Beckham is very very fortunate, he has great parents! I just couldn't get enough of those darling little fingers & toes... I took lots of pictures and they are printed off...need to buy my "BRAG" book today, oh how fun!

Wishing everyone a very Blessed Thanksgiving!

Lots to be thankful for,



Carrie P. said...

So glad you got to spend time with that little sweety. Happy Thanksgiving.

Carolyn said...

Oh my, what an adorable grandchild you have. What a blessing! I have one granddaughter (she's a year old) and a grandson that is due in January, so I've got the "grandma bug", too. There's nothing like it!! He is just precious. Shh....I've spent 50 bucks on things like baby shoes before, too....LOL

Carolyn :)