Making Snow Angels in August!!

Often times as I sit down with my pad of paper & pencil to design, my mind turns towards childhood memories! This must mean I am still young at heart, right??!! How many of you made snow angels as a child? For those of you who aren't so privileged to live in the snowy parts of the country, let me explain! After a fresh snow fall you lie down in the snow and move your arms and legs (somewhat like doing a jumping jack, lying down) and the movement in the snow makes a beautiful silhouette of an angel. The trick was standing up very carefully, not to disturb the angel. So goes the inspiration for the "WINTER WONDERLAND" cross stitch pattern. This pattern includes the 2 pictured snow angels (just a mere 4" tall) and a Merry Christmas winter scene picture. The angels have cross stitched little tummies & clay shaped head and wings. Their wings are gently dusted with mica flakes to resemble the fresh, sparkly snow that made the best snow angels.

This pattern & another Christmas themed cross stitch pattern will be released soon. Watch here for more details.

Until next time,


Carrie P. said...

Those snow angels are the cutest!

Thistlebrooms said...

Wonderful Pattern & Stitchin'.....

Melody said...

Love the snow angels!!