Winter Wonderland!

I've decided it would be a good day to curl up in a warm cozy chair next to my big window and work on my new spring pattern designs. It may be cold and snowy outside but my thoughts are of spring time flowers, bunnies & gardening.....

Ah yes, winter has arrived! Makes me want to put Christmas music on and start decorating the house. Decorating at the Gervais house will begin this weekend. The tree will come in on Sunday night and lights & decorations will go on on Monday evening. I will spend the rest of the week decorating the rest of the house.

How does a kitty spend a snowy afternoon?? Agassi is enjoying this snowy afternoon curled up on my wool rug that sits on my old bench next to the big window in our living room. He is being entertained by the squirrels (who are up to their chins in snow) scury around looking for peanuts.

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Corky said...

Hi Brenda,
I love seeing your winter wonderland pictures... especially nice when viewed from a long distance. Snowy weather can make any kind of indoor project seem very special. Your kitty seems to be really enjoying the warm wooly mat he/she is using as a squirrel perch. What kind of kitty is he? I have a Ragdoll that looks very similar and bird and squirrel gazing are among his favorite activities.
Corky (from Primitve Punch Needle)