A skinny bolt...
is all we have left of the red prairie cloth for the "CUPID'S ARROW" pattern/kit.
If you are wanting to have this little cupid flying around in your heart & home for this year's Valentines season you need to hurry! When what is left on our skinny bolt is gone, there will be no more until April/May-ish, when the manufacturer expects their next shipment of this cloth.

It's snowing huge "goose feather snowflakes" this morning, straight down....it's beautiful. I just want to sit by the window and watch...BUT off to work I must go, as there are orders to fill!

Have a good weekend,


The French Bear said...

Brenda, I just placed an order but I didn't see the fabric....can I still add this to my order?
Margaret B

gracie said...

My Love Filled Heart pattern arrived yesterday..I am so anxious to start it...but alas, my challenge 15 are front and center right now...but soon, I hope to edge it in.