It's that time...

time to go back to "work work"...
and I only say "work work" because we've been on a vacation...
a vacation from filling & shipping orders.
Each end of year when I take this working vacation I make a list...
a list of all the items I want to accomplish.
It goes something like this...
Clean off my desk,
Clean the office,
Close out the year,
Run year-end reports for Uncle Sam and upcoming insurance audit,
Reflect on the past year & plan for the new year,
Work on new Easter designs,
Sleep in until 7 AM,
and the list goes on and on with some home front items thrown in as well, that I won't bore you with.
And every year, the mini working vacation always seems to come to an end before I have everything crossed off my list...darn it, hate it when that happens!!

So it is off to "work work" I go today...
And for all our customers who placed online orders during our year-end shut down, we will begin filling those orders today. Thanks for your patience and allowing us to take some time to clear our desks, clear our minds and just exhale!!

With thy Needle & Thread,


Tanya~Friendship Crossing said...

You certainly deserve a break and I think everyone totally understands! We have a motive tho' ~ we want you to keep those darling patterns coming! LOL


Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Your blog is lovely! I know it's hard to gear up to get back to work, I'm still adjusting! Have a warm and cozy New Year!
Take Care,

Anonymous said...

I love your blog and can't imagine doing all that you do for your business plus home and new designs,etc..Hope 2011 brings you a creative spirit and time for cleaning all those things you have yet to get done..Happy New Year..I love your blog and get inspired to pick up my needle when I go to your site..