Algerian Eyelet Stitches...
that's what I've been up to
stitching a whole lot of them, too!
Think polka dots, Easter eggs & Peeps...

Just a small tease of a new cross stitch pattern coming your way soon. Soooooo.....you may want to brush up on your eyelet stitch or for those of you who haven't adventured into the specialty stitches, here is a little tutorial for you. The eyelet stitches in this soon-to-be release pattern are worked over 4 threads on linen (as shown in the diagram on the left). Enter your needle at one, go down at two, up at 3, down at four and so on until your eyelet stitch is complete. With each stitch pull the thread slightly so that the fabric distorts slightly, as it's this tensioning action that creates the holes in the center of each stitch. If you want to neaten or emphasize the central hole you can do so with the end of a small knitting needle. Gently poke the end of the knitting needle into the hole to widen it a little.

Tis going to be a weekend of stitching and putting finishing touches on new designs for me. We are in for a warm up this weekend and then I guess it's back into the ice box for next week.

With thy Needle & Thread,



Suzanne said...

So thankful for your post today...I was beginning to get concerned something was 'amiss' in your life! Love the sneak peek of your new design, it looks lovely...as usual:)

Friendship Crossing said...

Love your new little 'peeps'! Can't wait to see the rest of the design.
Haven't made any eyelet stitches in yrs., but thanks for the tutorial.


Michelle~Sugar House Creations said...

That is a beautiful stitch. Thank you for the lil tutorial as I am not familiar with anything other than the "traditional" cross stitch. I hope to take a class at a new shop opening in my area soon.

KimV said...

Lovely! I can't wait to see the rest!