What are your thoughts....

I've been asked by a needlework distributor to think about starting a "Stitching Club"...

This is uncharted (no pun intended) waters for me
I'd like to get some input (good or bad)
from my blog friends.

The stitching club would involve a membership. You would join the club (becoming a member) at your local needlework shop or favorite online shop. By joining you are committing to purchase each cross stitch pattern in the series. You will be charged at the time the new pattern is released. These patterns will be available to members only. At sign up time you will see the first pattern of the series and know the "theme" of the club. The remaining patterns will come to you as a surprise!

Here is where I have some questions...

1. Would you like this to be a quarterly club or a bi-monthly club (meaning 4 patterns or 6 patterns in the series)?

2. What month would be best suited for you for the club to begin? Do you want it to begin in the summer months or the winter months?

3. What has been your experience in joining this sort of club? Good or bad comments welcome!

4. How many such clubs are you currently a member of?

Any comments are welcome & greatly appreciated! Please note that all comments to this post will be kept private.

With thy Needle & Thread,


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