Happy Halloween!

Wishing everyone a

Taking a "grandma day" tomorrow to go visit our little pumpkin!

Tricks & Treats to everyone,


The French Bear said...

Look at your sweet little monkey!!! Wow, he has grown! Have a good visit with Gramma's boy.
I sent the parcel out today, they said eleven business days, good grief, ya think it was going around the world. There's a little something for you, Brenda, my thanks for being so caring!
Have fun for Halloween!!!
Margaret B

Carin said...

You too have a wonderfull halloween !!!

abfinn said...

I love your blog! It is filled with so many beautiful images, lovely thoughts and yummy delights. We share the same taste in music! Most of all, I have long loved your designs. I look forward to each new one. Thank you for sharing your life and loves.