Handy dandy...

The "try it" sample of the Highlighter Tape arrived today
I had to give it a try!
Yeppers, gets my stamp of approval...tis wonderful!
Saves lots of time too...

In fact,
I like it so much
that we will be offering this tape for purchase
to our customers.
Item can be found
under the
NEW ITEMS category on our website.
The tape is a cute little 1/6" wide,
perfect to hold the row you are currently stitching
and then the next.
Tape is removable,
therefore reusable.
You simply tear a strip long enough
to fit the area you are stitching...
I actually have two pieces of tape going...
one on my chart
and the other just off to the side.
After I have stitched the 2 rows
of cross stitches
under the Highlighter tape,
I place the 2nd piece of tape
directly below the originally placed tape,
before removing the top piece of tape.
Now my next two rows
are precisely marked
and I can begin stitching.
I continue this "leap frog" method
with the 2 pieces of tape.

With thy Needle & Thread,


Diva Kreszl said...

Oh that is so neat...perfect for stitching charts and so much more!

Beth said...

Oh my, what a great idea! Where has this been all my needlework days!! :)
These aging eyes could sure use this product.