Find us in the "FINDS"...

Our supply of the new December issue
of the Create & Decorate magazine arrived!
What a thrill
to find our cross stitch pattern line,
With thy Needle & Thread,
featured in their
editorial "FINDS" section of the magazine!
Yeeeeehaaaaa....free publicity is always exciting!
A big "Thank You" to the editors of the Create & Decorate
for giving us this exposure!

Be sure to check out
another wonderful product
featured in the "FINDS" category...
Highlighter Tape!
A brightly colored,
yet translucent,
removable tape
marks your row
while working
on cross stitch.
I'm off to order some today!
We have a limited supply
of this magazine
now for sale
on our website.

Have a good weekend,

1 comment:

basketsnprims said...

I already ordered my copy from you. Hoping it comes soon. Isn't free publicity great? Why not come over & sign up for my giveaway.