They need our help...

The average person in Haiti lives on a $1.00 a day...

This is less then the cost of that cup of coffee we buy at Starbucks
or that bottle of Coke we drink a day...

We need to reach into our pockets and help the people of Haiti.

A dear high school friend is a co-founder of a wonderful non-profit Christian group called
Providence Ministries based in St. Paul MN. Please take a few minutes to read their heart-warming story.

Asking you to forgo that cup of coffee or bottle of coke for the people of Haiti...every dollar helps!

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Marcia Erickson said...

Hi Brenda,

Thank you for giving our little space on the internet attention. Our hearts are heavy and burdened yet lightened by people like you.

Let's connect sometime (30th? arg!).