I'm stuck

in contemplation....
Seems like I get stuck here often!

Contemplation of the "finish" of the last punch needle design. The new designs that I promised you all in a couple of days a few days ago...

Do I sew it & stuff it into a little pillow,

or frame it,

or add woolly tongues

or take the easy way out and just scan it and plop it onto the pattern cover as is? A little voice in my head keeps telling me, "this IS NOT an option!"

As of this morning I'm leaning towards adding woolly tongues,but that could change by noon!

Today's goal is to have the piece completely finished by days end.

4 new punch needle patterns will be ready for purchase in a few days...

I promise!

Then it's time to contemplate what's next...do I begin stitching the sampler I have graphed that's begging to be stitched, or do I start that rabbit doll that's been sketched since last spring?

Have a good day,


The French Bear said...

Brenda, you need to slow down, ha ha, I can't get caught up. I am in love with all the new designs. I just posted my little bird from the Stacy Nash pattern I got from you! I love it, I will have to make more of course. I can't wait for new needle punch, can I just sign up for a new one each month?
Margaret B

corinna said...

It will be lovely, to be sure.
Funny to think you would ponder it,
always seems your results are just right
and happen so naturally.
I see them and think, "Wow, how inspiring".
Have a great week of finishes.

moosecraft said...

Since the last two new pattern teasers were finished so perfectly... maybe you should keep thinking about it, as I know you will come up with the greatest way to finish the next two! :-) As for sampler or rabbit doll? I'm definitely voting for the rabbit doll! I'm having fun with the snow angel and santa... could use some Easter stuff to do! Have a great day!

WoolenSails said...

I can't wait to see the new pieces you made. I have a few pieces sitting on the table, guess I am stuck too, not in a finishing mood.