Simply Charming...

A shipment of new sterling silver charms arrived!
I hope to get these posted onto the website for purchase this evening. Remember these sweet little charms aren't just for jewelry making, they also make darling embellishments to needlework or to simply tie around a dollies neck!

~Victorian Cupid~
1 1/2" tall - double sided
(Is that a cute little b-hind, or what?)

1" tall

~Winged Cherub Link~
3/4" tall

~Little Flower Dangle~
a tiny 3/8" tall

These little charms are certainly begging me to get my beads and patera pieces out once again. I'm one that likes to continually dabble in various mediums,rotating between sewing, stitching, punching & jewelry making. I'm thinking it's time to make some fun Valentine pieces with these new charms...coming soon!

Have a good day,


1 comment:

Susan said...

Love the new charms. Yes it is a cute behind!