Our tummies are full of turkey...

not just any kind of turkey,
but rather Great Grandma Millie's ginger turkey cookies!
Before the pumpkin pies
get cut into,
it's tradition to nibble
on my mom's
thin & crisp
ginger turkey cookies.

Hmmm...turkey cookies?
A newly discovered food
for the youngest member
of our family.
Can you guess how many he consumed?
One cookie...

Two cookies...

Three cookies...

Four cookies...

Five cookies...

there still is room in the tummy for more...

6 cookies
were consumed
by this little turkey
then his momma
cut him off...

And yes,
by the time we were done eating
these cookies
was even making
"gobble gobble" noises!
Hoping your tummies got filled with turkey too,


Anonymous said...

Great idea. Love the trukey cookies. Cute story too.

WoolenSails said...

I don't blame him, those cookies look delicious.


Shirley said...

That would be my grandsons. They love to snack on cookies and you would have to shut them off. Your grandson is so cute. They grow up so very fast. Have a great rest of the weekend.

gracie said...

adorable .....

jayne@~an eye for threads~ said...

Funny with the pictures, Cutie had so many cookies his pants wouldn't fit. Thanks for sharing this cutie with us and I am glad you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Turkey Cookies and all
Be always in stitches.

anneke said...

What a great cookies. And that must be tasty too!

duelnjewel said...

Is the recipe a family secret? Would love it if you'd share... what a wonderful tradition!