it's "code" outside!
Sorry, couldn't help myself...
after a visit from our grandson, Beckham I always find my self talking like a 2 year old. Must be a grandma-thing!
Brrr...it really is cold outside this morning here in NW Iowa. I'm thinking it might be time to get the winter coat out today.

I'd like to say a gigantic "THANK YOU" to all of those who participated in our Cyber Monday event. The elves at Country Stitches will be putting in some over time hours!

Just curious... are all these patterns, being shipped, going to be made into gifts or are you just filling your nests with stash??? Please tell! It's okay to be "squirrel-like"...we all know the winters can get long and it's about survival, right?

* * * * * * *

I've been slowly, but surely, making progress on charting the Ann Dickinson sampler. My goal has been to chart one motif a day. Last evening I was really on a roll, making much progress. I'm to the easy stuff now...gesh, the bottom band was long & tedius. I'm hoping to have the charting finished by weeks end. Then the stitching begins. It will be my winter project... reproducing this piece, 191 years later, onto linen once again.

* * * * * * *


Don't forget today is day 9 of the Home for the Holidays blog hop. Jan Patek is today's featured designer. Last time I checked, things weren't quite ready BUT hop on over to her blog to see what she has in store for us today! I can hardly wait, I love Jan's style and I'm sure it will be wonderfully prim & scrappy.
Bundle up cuz "it's code outside" & have a good day,


BrendaS said...

Brenda --
Love your patterns and all the stash I bought yesterday was for ME:)))) I can hardly wait to get punching!!!

Kathy B. said...

We always need more! (This was my third order from Country Stitches this month!) I'm planning for the snowy winter months we get here in the "snowbelt" of Western New York State, but I am also sharing some of the "stash" with my sisters as gifts for Christmas. Thanks for the sale!

Linda said...

I'm a squirrel...of the highest order! Can't wait to see the finished sampler.

Anonymous said...

Hi Brenda,
I did some real cross-stitching, actually I'm quilter, but I loved your Santa Claus pattern, so I couldn't resist it, and I turned it into a lovely little Blackberrie bag.
http://www.caro-en-rob.blogspot.com, you can see the pictures. With kind regards, Caro from the Netherlands.

Jane said...

I'm looking forward to seeing what you create with this sampler. I hope it has an old time feel to it, I'm sure you'll do it justice.

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